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Made in North America Never Looked So Beautiful

GothRider is full of North American pride and savors each breath inhaled with the delicious taste of freedom. We support the values and lifestyle of the badass rebel because we’re one and the same. We stick together because no one resembles us. We love high speed hot rods, loud music, badass ink—and stand up for family and freedom. We don’t just talk about our values, we stand behind them. That’s one reason we buy our materials in North America whenever we can.


We want to buy our materials from you to create the handcrafted jewelry pieces you’ve inspired—because you deserve the best jewelry and products.


We Want to Create & Keep Jobs

It’s not always about finding the lowest price when we buy our materials, not when we put our name on our handcrafted jewelry. Our handcrafted jewelry was inspired by you, the badass rebel, and made for you, so we want to provide you with unique, high quality products. We know you work hard, and we want you to get the best value for your hard-earned dollars.


We support businesses in North America to help create and keep jobs for the hardworking man and woman. Overseas facilities and working conditions aren’t as regulated as those in North America, so we chose to support our safe, fair, working conditions.


We Insist on Quality

You deserve unique, quality handcrafted jewelry. You can have the peace of mind to know that buying handcrafted jewelry from us ensures you’ll receive beautiful products individualized for the rebel lifestyle, while supporting the country you know and love.


Rocking that new bling shows off more than intricate detail, a unique design and a hint of your personality, it’s showing off your North American pride and values. By choosing our products, you’re also supporting buying North American. Because rebels might look tough on the exterior, but underneath it we’ve got a soft spot for families and freedom.


We Love Freedom & Independence

We breathe freedom and independence and love the open road. We love North America, so why wouldn’t we want to nurture our economy? Our souls cherish all the biker rides and rallies, the dive bars, the stellar tattoo parlors, hot rods, rock and roll, and the badass, untamable bikers that fiercely defend their values, beliefs and individuality. We buy in North America whenever we can, to keep business’s strong and viable, and honor and support the hardworking people who built them.  


We Want to provide for our Families and our Future

Badass bikers, loud music, and the rebel lifestyle have been around for a long time, and we want to make sure the freedom to rock our individuality remains. The unique, handcrafted jewelry that you choose symbolizes something special to you, but it also symbolizes supporting North American companies, jobs and the freedom that comes with it.


As you choose a piece of beautiful handcrafted jewelry to rock at the show, or to show off at the next rally, know you’re not just supporting GothRider, you’re supporting North America products and your hardworking badass rebel brothers and sisters. So, go ahead—let freedom ring with that bling on your finger.