Our Unique Jewelry is Inspired by You | GothRider®

Our Unique Jewelry is Inspired by You

We know what you like, because we’re all about the same things you love. Showing off fresh ink, sexy bikes, hot rods and turning up the rock and roll! We let people know what’s special to us through bold messages worn on our chests, or delicate symbols dangling from an earlobe. Either way, we demand attention.


Your soulful stories, and attitudes about individuality, freedom and family match ours. So much that you inspired us to handcraft unique pieces of jewelry that speak to the rebel lifestyle.


Our Jewelry Tells a Story

Each piece of jewelry tells a story about its owner, the artisan, and reflects your uniqueness. The message is crafted by the artist, but inspired by you. Like a tattoo, our handcrafted jewelry holds a special meaning. Choose something to honor a specific time in your life, or that special someone. Our artisans craft precious metals and stones to capture cherished memories close to your heart.


We Chose Meaningful, Symbolic Designs

We took the symbols and designs cornerstone to the hard rocking rebel soul and handcrafted them into beautiful jewelry. Our artisans may have chosen the specific designs, but the meaning of your jewelry is yours alone.


Our artisans share the secrets behind their selections they believe will speak to your soul. Which piece reflects your past journey or future ambitions?



Our artisans chose to craft meaningful pieces with snakes for a variety of reasons, but you might have your own for loving this sexy symbol. In ancient mythology, snakes are depicted as a symbol of fertility and strong sexual desire.


The shedding skin is a sign of rebirth and transformation. Perhaps as you recover from a breakup the deadly snake can keep unwanted away. These sinfully sexy pieces could also help attract your next passionate encounter.


Because like the infinity snake combining good and evil, rocking rebels have complex souls filled with many secrets. You choose how much you want to share.


Skulls and Skeletons


Handmade skeletons and skulls can be scary enough to reflect your badass, hardcore self while guarding your sweet soul. Whether you love someone to the bones, or you want to protect your vulnerability from the outside world. A sugar skull design can help you honor and reconnect with a loved one who passed away, or perhaps the intricate detail of the design catches your eye.


The Crow


The crow depicts the lonely traveler, or hints you’ve been to dark places and back. But that won’t stop you from spreading your wings of your rebel soul as you enjoy a bird’s eye view from places only you can attain. Courageously fly down the road not traveled, circle death and desolation, because you appreciate those who’ve been there and back.  



Because we can function in daylight, but our unique, badass personality comes out after dark when we can turn up the volume and let our hair down.




Like you, we fiercely defend our families, and our neighborhoods. The GothRider coat of arms lets us bond together and leave fat tire tracks in our wake.


We Don’t Skimp on Quality

Save your worries for the weather of your next ride, but don’t worry about the quality of our handcrafted jewelry. Our artisans insist upon high end detail and using the highest quality precious metals. We value our customers as much as our first tattoo, so we’re not going to pinch pennies on quality.


Choose Your Unique Piece Today

We know at least one of these designs caught your eye. Show off a dramatic, rocking gothic look by choosing slightly oxidized jewelry. Or individualize a piece with highly reflective cubic zirconia birthstones carefully mounted so they won’t catch on anything but your heart.


Let our handcrafted jewelry speak for you with sterling silver as real as your love. Because just any jewelry design won’t help you remember where you came from, show you where you’re going, and capture a hardcore rock n roll rebel’s heart.