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You’re One of a Kind, Your Jewelry Should be Too

You’re not going to just buy the first motorcycle you come across, or ink an ordinary tattoo. You’re going to look them over, maybe do a little research, because it means something to you, and you want something special. You want a motorcycle that reflects you, and a tattoo that showcases your personality. Something you can show off and be proud of. Once you choose, you might customize it a little to make it uniquely yours.

It shouldn’t be any different when you’re choosing a piece of jewelry.


We at GothRider know that most badass rebels love jewelry—and rocking gorgeous bling. There’s no better way to do that, or show the one you love how special they are, than with a piece of handcrafted premium GothRider jewelry crafted by our artisans.

What Is Handcrafted Jewelry?

Handcrafted jewelry is assembled and/or formed by hand rather than using the force of a machine. The hands of the artisan are creating your beautiful piece without the use of mass produced manufacturing machinery. How awesome is that?


Mass produced factories are difficult to regulate if dirty metals are blended to create costume pieces. These pieces are usually easy to find and replicate. That’s not going to happen with a handcrafted piece. You can rest assured that the premium pieces at GothRider are just as special and unique as the person wearing it.

Why Choose Handcrafted?

Handcrafted jewelry is meant to make a statement, something we challengers of the norm love doing. Plus, our artisans are truly artists who make jewelry because it’s something they love to do. They put the same love into crafting jewelry as they do caring for their beloved bikes.


The GothRider name is on many of our pieces, so you know we aren’t going to provide you with inferior quality. Our head jeweler personally inspects each piece before it’s sent to you.


What is Custom Made Jewelry?

Custom made jewelry means you’re involved in the process of creating a piece you’ll cherish. You choose the piece, and the design. Many of our pieces offer the opportunity to further customize with a birthstone to individualize the jewelry—what a wonderful way to show your love for a special person.

Because these individual, unique, pieces are custom made, they take a little longer to create. But we guarantee they’re worth the wait. Handcrafted jewelry is a better value and quality. Plus, you’ll get a better response from your special someone, when you show them you care enough to select something personally made for them.

Don’t You Deserve a Piece of Jewelry as Unique as You?

You deserve a piece of custom made jewelry as unique as the woman, or man, who will wear it. Our superior quality and design is crafted to meet and exceed your expectations.


Every piece in your jewelry is individually selected by the artisan, because we want to provide you with your own beautiful, unique jewelry.


We want our handcrafted jewelry to be as special to you as your ride and as close to your heart as your favorite tattoo.