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Coffee Type: Fève entière

This bundle comes with:

👉 1x Airscape® Kilo

👉 1x 907g (2 lbs) of Gasoline™ Coffee

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☕ All coffee is roasted to order in and is guaranteed to be delivered FRESH!

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Gasoline™ Coffee

✅ High Quality: Our master roaster ethically sources the best coffee beans from Rwanda.

✅ Certifications: Our coffee is certified Organic by USDA, FairTrade and COR

✅ Artisanal Roasting: Our coffee is slow-roasted using the traditional Italian method.

✅ Amazing Taste: This Rwandese blend reveals notes of dark chocolate.


The Airscape® Kilo holds a full kilogram (2.5 lbs) of Gasoline coffee beans, or re-fill it with:

  • 2.5lb coffee beans
  • 5lb flour
  • 5lb brown sugar
  • 2.5lb granola
  • 3lb oats
  • 7.5lb popcorn kernels

and so much more!

Measures: 6.5″w x 8″ h

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