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GR Bat Charm Bangle


Exclusive and Beautiful Charm handmade by artisan jewelers from precious metals.

We only come out at night! Uniquely designed, handmade sleeping bat pendant hanging from an adjustable bangle bracelet. Made of real 925 Sterling Silver by artisan jewelers and thoroughly inspected by GothRider's Head Jeweler before we ship it out.

The silver is slightly oxidized to give it its dramatic gothic look. This delicate yet intriguing bracelet is a gentle reminder that, even if you can function well in daylight, your truly unique personality only comes out at night.

Whoever decodes the message will know where to find you. But you don't need to worry about attracting sinister vampires - after all, this is real precious silver!


Made from your choice of the highest quality .925 Sterling Silver with Patina.



All items are handmade to order with precious metals and high end materials. Orders take 3-4 weeks to produce on items that have met their goal. They are then packed and mailed via USPS First Class mail.

Changes to Orders

Items are handmade-to-order in batches twice a week. Once your item is batched, you can no longer change or cancel your order.

To change your order, contact us at support@gothrider.com