GR Biker Goggles Ring

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Exclusive GothRider Ring handmade by artisan jewelers from precious metals.

Watch out! We've been working hard on this truly exclusive GothRider ring design. This unique goggle finger ring is a masterpiece of its own! It's made of real Sterling Silver .925 by artisan jewelers and thoroughly inspected by GothRider's Head Jeweler before we ship it out.

Two highly reflective birth stones are set inside the goggles, carefully mounted so that it will never scratch skin or get caught in a wool or mesh shirt. Just take a look at the amount of detail on this piece! You might want to wear gloves when you're riding, just to remove all temptation to keep looking at it in awe when you should have your eyes on the road!

Made from your choice of the highest quality Sterling Silver .925.

Carefully hand set with highly reflective natural birthstones to personalize this piece for you or a loved one.

This truly unique and limited design will be hand checked by the jeweler and GothRider before being hand packaged and shipped to your door.

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