GothRider® Announces Major Supply Chain Overhaul to Enhance Customer Experience

GothRider® Announces Major Supply Chain Overhaul to Enhance Customer Experience - GothRider Brand

Montreal, QC — GothRider®, the innovative e-commerce platform known for its bold specialty coffee and related products, is excited to announce a comprehensive overhaul of its supply chain operations. This strategic update is designed to meet the rapidly growing demand from our customers, both online and at retail locations.

Unprecedented Growth and New Challenges
Over the past year, GothRider® has experienced a remarkable increase in demand, with our sales more than doubling. Our retail presence expanded from about ten points of sale to over 200, and we are gearing up to add another 100 this summer. In response to this growth and a surge in online sales, we are implementing significant enhancements to our supply chain.

Learning from Experience
In September, we experimented with outsourcing to a fulfillment house, seeking to speed up delivery times. However, this approach did not meet our financial or technical needs, particularly due to our focus on make-to-order products. We've taken the lessons learned from this experience to better tailor our supply chain strategies.

Innovative Solutions to Current Challenges
Faced with rising shipping costs and the increased cost of raw materials such as coffee, we've initiated several changes. In January, we introduced Nationex for local orders to manage costs effectively. Moreover, we've engaged new suppliers, upgraded our packaging solutions, and revamped our inventory and processing systems to enhance efficiency.

Phase One: Immediate Improvements
Starting this week, the first phase of our supply chain transformation will take approximately 3-4 weeks. We anticipate immediate improvements in shipping times once this phase is complete.

Looking Ahead: Simplifying and Enhancing Our Product Line
The next phase will focus on improving and simplifying our product line. Our goal is to reduce the production time for make-to-order products, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Our Community
As a family-owned business, we deeply value the patience and loyalty of our customers. These changes are essential as we prepare to scale our operations internally to better support your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When will I receive my order?
    If your order has not shipped yet and is over 7 days, it is likely due to our current supply adjustments. Please contact our support for a more accurate shipping estimate.
  • Why continue selling during delays?
    We are optimizing our supply chain to reduce delays without halting sales, ensuring you continue to enjoy our products.
  • When will regular shipping times resume?
    We anticipate a return to normal shipping timelines within 3-4 weeks.
  • What if I order multiple products?
    We can split shipments for orders containing multiple items, allowing you to receive non-coffee products sooner.
  • Will these issues recur?
    While we are growing, challenges may arise, but we are committed to minimizing disruptions and maintaining open communication with our community.

For additional information, visit our website at or contact our customer support directly.

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