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Marshmallow Beaster Bunny Mocha

Marshmallow Beaster Bunny Mocha - GothRider Brand

Marshmallow Beaster Bunny Mocha is one of our favorite where we like to revisit this unique coffee variant every year on Easter. Of course, it’s not the healthiest coffee with the lowest calories, but it is one to remember for ages due to its enriched taste and an intense sweetness kick.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Take a 12floz cup and add toasted or plain marshmallow syrup to it
  • Add two shots of freshly extracted espresso to the latte cup
  • Add white chocolate (as desired) to the mix and stir
  • Add 12floz of hot steamed milk
  • Top it off with marshmallow pieces and enjoy

*Replace the white chocolate and coffee with our Beaster Bunny Chocolate Flavored Coffee

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