Everything You Need To Know About Infamous Irish Cream Coffee

Everything You Need To Know About Infamous Irish Cream Coffee - GothRider Brand

Many beverages worldwide are famous due to their rich taste or euphoric effects on the human body. But not many come close to the excellent flavor and calming aroma of the Irish cream coffee.

Today, we will talk about the history of this community-popular beverage and shed some light on many relevant aspects surrounding the production and options of the best Irish cream-flavored coffee. Let’s dive straight into the details.

What is Irish Cream Coffee?

Irish cream coffee is a blend of hot roasted coffee beans, sugar, whipped cream, and whiskey (optional). With the unique taste and rich aroma it brings to the table, Irish cream coffee is a popular beverage in many parts of the US, UK, and Canada.

The History of Irish Cream Coffee:

Foynes Port was a common ground for travelers to lodge or find their breath before continuing on their journey. It also had the biggest civilian airports in Europe, and whenever weather conditions were inappropriate, Joe Sheridan would have tons of guests in his little tavern.

It was the winter of 1943 in Foynes Port, Ireland, where a local chef, Joe Sheridan, was busy with regular restaurant matters as usual. He found out that a flight had to turn back midway due to unsuitable weather, and the passengers were coming to stay at the inn. Upon seeing the washed-up face of the weary passengers, he decided to whip up a drink that could calm their nerves and make the situation better.

The stroke of genius Joe Sheridan created became forever known as the first Irish Cream Coffee. He added whiskey, whipped cream, and some brown sugar to each cup to provide a soothing effect to the tired souls. Upon receiving an immaculate response from the passengers, he knew he had created something brilliant.

Soon after, the word spread around America, and many people tried recreating the recipe, including a motivated bartender named Jack Koeppler, who worked at Buena Vista Hotel in San Francisco. Jack tried several times to perfect the recipe, but the cream kept sinking to the bottom, ruining the drink. He then traveled to Foynes Port, Ireland, to meet the original magician, Joe Sheridan. From there, he managed to learn the correct recipe and bring it back to America, where it's a treat for everyone, especially on St. Patrick's Day.

How to Make Irish Cream Coffee:

It's not a common occurrence to make a delicacy with ease and inexpensive ingredients. But in this case, you can quickly prepare a cup and catch the sunset or sit on your porch while the soothing concoction simmers down your throat, igniting your soul.

Here is a quick step by step to prepare a delicious cup of Irish cream flavored coffee:


  • Lightly whipped double cream (1 ounce)
  • Brown Sugar (2 teaspoons)
  • Irish whiskey (11/2 ounce)
  • Strong hot coffee (4 ounces)

The Process:

  • Prepare your coffee and keep it hot inside the mug (you can place it in hot water)
  • Pour in the sugar and stir the coffee until it dissolves
  • Pour in the whiskey and keep stirring
  • Place a spoon on top of the mug and float the cream by pouring it over the spoon.
  • Don’t stir, and drink through the whipped cream.

Where Is The Best Coffee Beans For Irish Cream Coffee?

However, remember to use the best coffee bean while preparing this Irish beverage. One of the excellent options is Gothrider’s Coffee, designed for the strongest and the most long-lasting effects (DOUBLE the caffeine). And since it doesn't sacrifice any flavor for strength, it's one of the ideal choices for anyone looking to make the perfect cup of Irish cream coffee.

Unique Options for the Enthusiasts:

Of course, there are many other variations of this process now where people and food brands have added custom steps to fit their ideal version of Irish cream coffee into the picture.

For example, an Irish Cream Coffee is topped with Maraschino cherry, and another variant has no whiskey like Gothrider’s coffee (Leprechaun Coffee). There is also one with two sugar cubes which deliver something special for all drinkers. Regardless, you'll still enjoy the serene high of solitude, whether it's the original recipe or a custom one.

Gothrider’s Non-alcoholic Irish Coffee:

It’s your lucky day! We are releasing our brand new Irish Cream Flavored Coffee that's filled with fun, joy, and all the love in the world. We have ensured that it gives you the right kick while helping you stay active, calm, and laughing around with your family/friends. To make it ideal for everyday usage, we put NO alcohol in our Irish cream coffee, so you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Relive the taste of the original cup of Irish cream coffee, but with a delightful twist! And since there is no alcohol to dull your senses, you’ll spend your day doing healthy activities filled with productivity and boosted motivation.

Gothrider’s Non-alcoholic Irish Coffee - What makes it different

Often people ask whether Irish cream coffee is a healthy choice and whether they can consume It regularly without feeling the hangover effects. Unfortunately, Irish cream coffee isn’t safe for daily consumption, especially if you want to avoid the negative aspects of alcohol.

So what’s the answer? Well, Gothrider’s Irish Cream Coffee comes without any alcohol content. So whether you're sitting with friends after a long workday or hanging out with your family on the weekend, Irish cream coffee is always a healthy yet comforting companion.

Bottom Line:

We leave you with this thorough read in hopes that now you understand the rich history of Irish cream coffee and are ready to prepare your first cup. If you’ve had this Irish treat before, you can now prepare it at home or order from our store to make your evenings perfect. Ensure that you're sourcing your ingredients from credible vendors, so you never have to compromise on the quality and richness. Cheers!

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