GothRider’s Gasoline Coffee – What Makes It So Good?

GothRider’s Gasoline Coffee – What Makes It So Good? - GothRider Brand

Coffee is believed to be originated from Ethiopia. It’s also the second-most traded item in the world. It was a highly consumed form of hot drink in the Middle East during the 16th century because it aided concentration.

How Was Coffee Discovered?

History reveals the uses of coffee which extent from spiritual to erotic stimulation. Legend says that a goat herder named Kaldi in the 9th century Ethiopia discovered the energizing effects of coffee when he observed his goats got excited after eating berries from a certain tree. He narrated this incident to the abbot of his local monastery and the abbot came up with the idea to dry and boil these berries for making a beverage.

He threw these berries into the fire and an unspeakable aroma emerged. He raked these roasted beans, ground up, and dissolved them in hot water. This was the world’s first-ever cup of coffee. This beverage kept the abbot and his monks awake for hours, enabling them to devote more hours to prayer. Hence this hot drink became famous throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

In Search Of the Best Coffee in Town?

Have you decided not to spend money on coffee every day to work and make your own coffee at home? What you need is GothRider’s Gasoline coffee. It’s the strongest and the greatest tasting coffee you will ever drink. We bring you a signature blend of hand-roasted coffee beans delivering a unique taste that you haven’t tried for ages.

Our coffee contains twice the caffeine content that average coffees. But wait, there’s no sacrifice of flavor. This morning coffee will kick start your day and keep you active throughout. The glorious blend of this coffee promises a rich and smooth experience that is never bitter.

GothRider’s Gasoline coffee Vs. Death Wish Coffee

GothRider and Death Wish are two of the strongest coffee labels out there. Death Wish has raised its coffee standards by using premium and bold beans. Its coffee contains notes of cherry and chocolates that removes the bitter taste.

Both coffees are strong and 100% natural but let’s see how GothRider’s Gasoline coffee stands out from the crowd.

  • High-Quality Beans

GothRider’s master roasters source Ethiopian coffee beans, which are considered one of a kind. Ethiopia, being the largest coffee producer in Africa, is also the largest producer in the world. This is purely Arabica coffee which even tastes better than the coffee sold at Starbucks.

The Ethiopian coffee beans come from a variety of mixes from wild to old grown trees. The seeds are selected from the best-producing trees, giving the broadest spectrum of flavor. Hence why our coffee has a unique flavor as well as the aroma.

  • Artisanal Roasting

The way coffee beans are roasted has a critical role to play in the flavor. GothRider’s coffee is slow-roasted. We use the traditional Italian method called Artisanal Roasting. We believe in taking extra steps for ensuring the quality of the coffee.

Roasting requires a lot of time and dedication. Coffee beans are hand-roasted in small batches. We have trained roasting experts in our team who don’t take eyes off the beans and ensure that they slowly roast the beans and stop just at the right time to produce the best flavor. These golden brown beans produce a rich, dark, and deep espresso color.

Once the beans are roasted, oils can be felt on the surface. This is a natural part of the roasting that has a significant role to play in making the aroma and flavor one of a kind. That’s why we guarantee that the taste of GothRider Gasoline coffee is going to something you have never experienced before.

  • Taste You have never experienced

The Ethiopian blend of our coffee includes a subtle blend of dark chocolates and fruits. With these notes, you will never have to worry about the bitterness of the coffee ever again.

If you or anyone in your family cannot bear the bitterness of Ethiopian coffee beans, we hear you. There’s no need to add sugar to change the flavor. The unique notes of chocolates and fruits won’t even make you feel that the coffee is bitter. Death Wish coffee has notes of cherry and chocolates too but the variety of flavors that GothRider’s Gasoline coffee brings serves all kinds of taste buds.

Ready to buy the best-tasting coffee? GothRider’s Gasoline coffee is available in Montreal, Quebec. It’s shipped all over Canada and United States. Within 2 to 3 days, your coffee will reach your doorsteps.

Try It To Experience The Difference

Don’t be afraid of the name, GothRider’s coffee is not just for the Goth fans, it’s for anyone who wants one-of-a-kind flavor and a drink that can make them wide awake. You won’t even have to drink lots of cups to get the right amount of caffeine to start your day. One cup in the morning and you will be ready with the newfound energy to have a kick-ass day.

Gasoline coffee is for the people who want bad-ass coffee. It’s an Italian blend containing Arabica peaberries mixed with Royal Kaapi Robusta. That’s why our coffee contains twice the caffeine as compared to ordinary coffee sold in the market. Also, it’s less oily and it preserves all the essence of real coffee. Many people search for genuine coffee flavor which is hard to find these days. So why not make your own coffee at home by keeping its real goodness alive? For all, all you need is GothRider’s Gasoline coffee.

Bottom Line

If you are a fighter, a rider, a viking or someone who is a bad-ass, this coffee is for you. This coffee is extremely strong so we warn you, just one cup would be enough. It comes in the raw form so that you can enjoy the real kick Ethiopian coffee brought to its people.

Once your coffee arrives, make sure you strong it in an air-tight jar because moisture is the worst enemy of coffee. Keeping your GothRider Gasoline coffee at room temperature would do it.

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