The secret to making a kick-ass cup of coffee

The secret to making a kick-ass cup of coffee - GothRider Brand

Live on Caffeine and Fresh Water

The selection of your coffee bean plays a huge role in preparing your drink. Each coffee bean benefits from distinctive characteristics. This allows you to define the taste, color and intensity of your coffee. The beans used to make GothRider® Gasoline coffee combine strength and intensity to appeal to the badasses.

The water used immensely affects the quality of your coffee. The biggest fans of this hot drink use mineral water to avoid any possible change in taste. In addition, in order to perfectly reveal the aromas of this elixir, coffee enthusiasts suggest using water that oscillates between 80 and 85 celsius degrees (176 to 185 Fahrenheit).

To each coffee maker its own ground and its own dosage

Along with selecting the right bean and using the right water, the right grind and the right mix of coffee and water are crucial elements for invigorating coffee. These last two things, but not the least, depend on the type of machine you use to make your elixir.

Drip Coffee Maker

Although the drip coffee maker offers very little leeway to personalize your hot drink, the latter is loved by coffee fanatics especially for its simplicity.

For lovers of robust espresso-type coffees, baristas suggest mixing 2 teaspoons of ground coffee in 3 fl. oz of water. While for long coffee fanatics, masters in the art of brewing offers a dosage of 3 teaspoons of ground coffee for 8.4 fl. oz of water.

With the drip coffee maker, the coffee brewing time is spread over a period of three to five minutes. This is why experts plan to use a fine grind, favoring the circulation of water, however allowing time for the drink to soak up the aromas of the coffee. GothRider offers a bag of pre-ground coffee perfect for fans of drip and Italian coffee makers.

The French Press (Piston Coffee Maker)

The dosage for a French press is similar to the dosage for a filter coffee maker. The recommended average for making coffee with a French press is about ten grams of coffee for a good tablespoon of water. If you want a coffee that is both strong and intense, baristas suggest a brewing time of four to five minutes. On the contrary, if you are more of a fan of delicate coffees, the professionals in the field recommend an infusion of one to three minutes.

Unlike the drip coffee maker, the French press requires a much coarser grind in order to bring out the full intensity of the coffee aromas during brewing. For a cooling effect, baristas suggest grinding the coffee beans while preparing your drink.

The Italian Coffee Maker

The Italian coffee maker is renowned for producing coffees that are both full-bodied and rich. The mark, affixed inside the metal filter of the coffee maker, helps to avoid any dosage error.

The grinding of the coffee is all the more important with the Italian coffee maker, because the latter allows you to juggle the intensity of the drink. Baristas suggest using an extremely fine grind for those who like full-bodied coffee. Fanatics of milder coffees will prefer a coarser grind.

The Espresso Machine

With this machine, the dosage depends on the type of espresso desired. For example, baristas suggest that lovers of single espresso use 7-9 grams of coffee and simply double the dose for double espresso.

The suggested grind for making a delicious short coffee should be fine, even very fine. If the latter is too coarse, water circulates too quickly through the grind and affects the quality of the coffee. GothRider® offers a grind specially designed for those fond of this espresso.

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