Blondie Limited Edition Deneen Pottery Amp Mug

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Introducing the exclusive Blondie Limited Edition Deneen Pottery Mug - a masterpiece that combines superior craftsmanship with unique design. This special edition mug, part of the first batch of just 48 pieces, is a rare collectible that marries the artistry of Deneen Pottery with the bold character of GothRider Coffee.

Exquisite Design & Craftsmanship Crafted in the brand new "Amp" shape from Deneen's Signature collection, each mug boasts a sleek and contemporary design. The vibrant pink hue, complemented by the rich Burgundy Red, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our Blondie Coffee. The centerpiece of this mug is the Blondie Coffee Medallion, a symbol that reflects the essence and branding of your favorite coffee.

Unique & Collectible What makes this mug truly special is its uniqueness. Each piece in this limited batch is individually numbered, ensuring that no two mugs are exactly alike. Owning this mug means you’re a part of an exclusive group of GothRider enthusiasts and collectors.

Pre-Order Now for a Special Price Available for pre-order at a special price of $39.99 (USD), this limited edition mug is not just a vessel for your coffee; it's a statement piece that adds an edge to your daily ritual.

Limited Availability Remember, the uniqueness of this mug is in its limited quantity. With only 48 pieces available in the first batch and a potential second batch of another 48, there's no guarantee that this particular mug shape will be available again. Expected delivery in April makes it a timely addition to your collection or a perfect gift.

Secure your piece of GothRider exclusivity. Pre-order your Blondie Limited Edition Deneen Pottery Mug today and elevate your coffee experience.