GothRider B-17 Kit

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Type: Whole Bean

Prepare to soar with the GothRider® B-17 Kit, featuring our exquisite new Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee, GothRider® Belle™, and the stunning Belle B-17 Flying Fortress 20 oz Skinny Tumbler. This kit is designed to take your coffee adventures to the next level, inspired by the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress.

Inside the Kit:

GothRider® Belle™ Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee ✈️☕️:

  • Taste: Delightfully smooth and aromatic, blending rich vanilla and hazelnut notes for a heavenly flavor experience.
  • Quality: Crafted from the finest high-altitude coffee beans, ensuring a superior taste and aroma.
  • Roast: Medium, perfectly balancing the robust flavors with a gentle, creamy finish.

Belle B-17 Flying Fortress 20 oz Skinny Tumbler 💫🛡️:

  • Design: Elegantly inspired by the iconic B-17 Flying Fortress, featuring intricate details and a sleek silhouette.
  • Eco-friendly: Equipped with a reusable stainless steel straw, promoting sustainable choices for a better world.
  • Versatile: Keeps your Belle™ Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee hot or your iced beverages refreshingly cold for hours.

Why This Kit? ✨

Created for the dreamers, adventurers, and coffee connoisseurs, the GothRider® B-17 Kit embodies the spirit of exploration and luxury. Whether you're starting your day with a burst of vanilla hazelnut delight or enjoying a peaceful moment with a perfectly chilled drink, this kit is your passport to a premium coffee journey. Take flight and indulge in the extraordinary with every sip! 🖤✈️