Mystery Gift

Sale price$28.00 CAD

 Unlock the excitement of a surprise with our exclusive Mystery Gift! When you spend $55 USD or more, you'll receive a special item added to your cart absolutely free. This mystery gift, valued at an average of $19.99 USD, could be anything from our collection of badass products – from a stylish piece of jewelry, a trendy accessory, a cool hat, a unique mug, or any other fantastic item we have on hand.

Each Mystery Gift is totally random, adding an element of thrill to your shopping experience. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself or someone special with an unexpected delight.

Key Features:

  • Surprise Element: Each gift is a complete surprise, chosen from our diverse collection.
  • Great Value: Average value of $19.99 USD, giving you more bang for your buck.
  • Automatic Addition: When you spend $55 USD or more, the gift is automatically added to your cart and discounted for free.
  • Standalone Purchase Option: Don’t meet the $55 USD threshold? No worries! You can still purchase the Mystery Gift separately to enjoy the fun of a surprise.

Embrace the unexpected and enjoy the thrill of receiving a Mystery Gift with your purchase. Shop now and let the mystery unfold!


*Please note that  each Mystery Gift are assorted, so we can't guarantee any particular styles or designs. Multiple orders may contain the same products, and the Mystery Gift is a final sale with no returns or exchanges. The picture is for illustrative purposes only & not included.