Nitro Nibbles

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Premium Chocolate-Covered Gasoline Coffee Beans

Each bag contains 7oz (200g) of our meticulously selected Gasoline Coffee beans, cloaked in a sumptuous layer of the finest chocolate. Designed for those who demand a jolt of joy in their java, Nitro Nibbles are the perfect fuel for your caffeine cravings.

Crafted for the Bold: At the heart of Nitro Nibbles lies our signature Gasoline Coffee beans. Known for their robust flavor and high-octane kick, these beans are the ideal base for our indulgent chocolate covering. The result? A harmonious blend of rich, velvety chocolate and the deep, intense notes of premium coffee.

Anytime Indulgence: Whether you need an early morning energy boost, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a delightful evening treat, Nitro Nibbles are there to satisfy your needs. Perfectly packaged in a 7oz bag, they are your go-to snack for a quick dose of decadence and vitality.

Why Nitro Nibbles?

  • Unique Blend: A daring combination of Gasoline Coffee beans and exquisite chocolate for an unmatched taste experience.
  • Perfect Portion: With 7oz (200g) in each bag, you have enough to savor and share...or keep all to yourself.
  • Energizing Treat: Designed to meet your caffeine cravings with a luxurious twist, making every moment an opportunity for indulgence.

Dare the Dark, Taste the Thrill: Nitro Nibbles aren't just a snack; they're a statement. For the adventurous, the bold, and the coffee connoisseurs craving something beyond the ordinary, this is your call to adventure. Experience the rush of Nitro Nibbles and elevate your energy and taste buds to new heights.

Ingredients: coffee beans, dark chocolate (cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa mass, soy lecethin, vanilla, food lacquer (water, glazing agent E414 and E904: sugar, glucose syrup. Preservative: ethanol, coconut oil coconut and rapeseed, acidity regulator E330.

*May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, milk, egg, sesame and gluten.